This page contains information on our response to COVID-19, as we learn more from the Government, Public Health (England) and NHS (England) we will add to this page.

We have recieved both the the AA ‘Covid Confident’ and Visit England “Good to Go” certifications.


COVID-19 Related Procedure and Practice Changes

Following the conducting of a Risk Assessment at Southern Breeze Lodge we have implemented the following changes to our practices and procedures to better ensure your and our safety.

We have always scored highly on the Reviews for cleaning, but to raise the bar on this we have done the following:
a) Upgraded our cleaning products to anti-viral disinfectant type or products with a high (60%+) alcohol content.
b) Extra cleaning of high-touch surfaces – for example banisters, light switches, door handles.
c) Purchased PPE to wear whilst cleaning rooms.
d) Rooms will be left empty overnight before allowing another guest to use it.
e) After cleaning the room it will be fogged with anti-viral disinfectant, and left for a minimum of 24 hours before re-use.

a) In line with Government guidance if you have COVID-19 symptoms before you arrive at Southern Breeze Lodge please remain at home and self-isolate as you will not be allowed entry to the property.
b) In line with Government advice if a guest develops COVID-19 whilst at Southern Breeze Lodge they will need to return home with their party to self-isolate.
c) In line with Government advice we ask guests to wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds using the anti-bacterial soap we have provided in the rooms.
d) A hand sanitizer station is installed in the hallway, please sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the property and also before and after using the dining room.
e) All guests must observe the Government guidance on social distancing and the use of face coverings if necessary.
f) We have reduced our capacity to 3 rooms and also leave 24 hours between guests.
g) We will now issue invoices and receipts by e-mail. Date stamped paper receipts can be issued if requested for expense or insurance purposes.
h) We have removed all ornaments, books and magazines to avoid crosscontamination.
i) All payments must be made with Credit or Debit card using our online system.
j) Guests are not allowed to bring non-residents into the building.

To avoid cross-contamination and person to person virus transfer we have implemented the following:
) We have rearranged and removed tables to ensure adherence to Government guidance on Social Distancing.
b) Allocated guests a time slot for the duration of their stay to come to breakfast during their stay in order to prevent congestion at the breakfast bar.
c) Guests should sanitize their hands before and after using the dining room using the hand sanitizer in the hallway.
d) We will allocate a table to each room’s guests which they will keep for the the duration of their stay.
e) Each table will be set with cutlery and napkins in sealed bags each morning.
f) Condiments and sugars will only be available in individual portion packs.
g) Butter will be served in cling-filmed dishes.
h) We have removed the fruit buffet and will serve in individual cling-filmed dishes.
i) Cereals will only be available in individual portion packs.
j) Guests should choose a jar of jam and keep it on their table throughout their stay which will be for their sole use.

We have made the following changes in the guest rooms:
a) We have retained individual bottles of shampoo & shower gels and removed individual soaps which we have replaced with pump containers of anti-bacterial soap.
b) We have sealed the TV Remote Controls in plastic envelopes please do not remove them to prevent cross-contamination.
c) We have removed all soft-furnishings, notepads, pens and ornaments from rooms.
d) We have removed the guest brochures from the rooms and created an online app to replace it. If you do not have a smart phone we can supply a guest folder on request which will be sanitized afterwards.
e) We have removed the biscuit jars from the tea-tray and reduced the number of sachets in the containers, please ask for more if required at breakfast.
f) Please collect your cakes from the first floor shelves each afternoon.
g) Please place used dishes, cups or glasses on the glass shelves each morning, and collect a clean bag of crockery from the top shelf.
h) Following Government guidleines we will not service rooms during your stay to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. If your bin needs changing tie it and leave outside your door – a new bin liner can be found in the bottom of the bin. Please ask at breakfast for replacement tea-bags, etc and if required take a bottle of fresh milk from the dining room.