Confusion reigns – A working title for now

June 4, 2020

Confusion reigns – A working title for now

This is one of those Blogs you write when you can’t think what to say but it’s a couple of weeks since your last one and you think you should write something.

I feel confused, lock down in England is being eased in a rather hap-hazard way. Bournemouth has been inundated with visitors but unfortunately many are ignoring the rules on Social Distancing. The town is full and no longer safe as people can no longer socially distance. The Council is trying to strike a balance between stopping people coming now but not putting them off with their “not now, but later” message. You just get the feeling it’s happening too fast.

I read Facebook groups for the hospitality trade and everyone is asking “are hotels opening on the 4th July” and then “what are the new recommended cleaning procedures”. All these things seem to be happening too slowly.

You see why I am at a loss as to what to say.

I had a great time last week learning some marketing techniques to generate interest in Southern Breeze Lodge for when we are able to open. It was quite successful in that we had new Facebook likes on our page, and people signing up to out mailing list. This week I feel quite down as there are too many unknowns about how we as a business plan for life after lockdown and too much speculation and half-understood hear-say being bandied around

I’m sure once the Government or Visit England publish the Hotel opening guidelines my MOJO will come back.

Sorry this has been a depressing read, but I have got it off my chest. May be next time will be better.