Heros don’t fly, they WALK

April 20, 2020

Heros don’t fly, they WALK

Ground Control to Captain Tom

Week Four of lockdown and we are starting the second three week period of confinement. How many more are to come?

How are you finding all this isolation?

I certainly am finding it quite stimulating as I take the time to watch the Seminars and videos marketing and technical experts are posting on strategies and techniques we can implement to help our business survive the Coronavirus Crisis.

I for one always find it stimulating to be one of those sink or swim situations – and I much prefer swimming to sinking.

In my previous Blog I referred to this Crisis as surreal and also as strange, part of that strangeness is that I’ve also found these times interesting. I suppose we should remember that the traditional Chinese curse is “may you live in interesting times” – a warning that there is both opportunity and risk in times of trouble. The opportunities are that I’m learning new things and thinking about how we will “do” business in the future, which is invigourating. The risks are…. well let’s keep focusing on the positives.

While we’re on the positives, our magnificent #NHS heros carry on amazing us with their bravery, compassion and selflessness, as do the other key workers in so many fields that are keeping our society running. We should also be grateful and embrance, in spirit, the relatives and friends of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Another positive is the #TomMoore effect. This week has been taken over by a 99 year old, Second World War veteran who planned to raise £1000 to thank the #NHS for what they have done for him by walking 100 laps on his garden before his 100th birthday next week. This humble and unassuming man has smashed that total by raising nigh on £30 million and is still walking. If that were not enough, he and Michael Ball are now top of the charts with a Number 1 song covering “You’ll never walk alone”. One is tempted to ask if there is no end to this man’s talents? Who would have thought any of this credible two weeks ago.

Captain Tom Moore is a true hero, and like so many of his generation he gives much and expects little back. I hope the attention he (and his peers) has recieved will be a lasting lesson to all of us who are members of younger generations. His advice to the nation is to remember that “tomorrow will be a good day”. As one artist who painted a picture in tribute to Captain Moore said “heros don’t fly, they WALK”.

Hopefully the petition to make him #sirtommoore will be successful. I can’t think of a more deserving recipient, can you?

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